My Old Pandemic Hot-takes: Where are they now?

I start the year with a bit of a posting spree; work restarts tomorrow and things will slow down again. Now that the pandemic is (ahem) over, I thought I’d go over what I was saying about it, my current thoughts, and what I was thinking at the time.

  1. I did not and refuse to take the !vax. This was not an academic issue for me. I was forced to get a religious exemption at one job, and at one point my family was having knockdown drag-em-out arguments over it (everyone else in my family is !vaxxed). But this is one point I will not budge. I am not getting experimental drugs or whatever the hell it is injected into me for a disease that has almost no chance of killing me.
  2. I am deeply disappointed in the response of the Catholic Church. Is God less important than a disease? Perhaps. Closing the churches for a week or two is defensible, but months? Shameful.
  3. It is now clear in retrospect that the disease was simply not that bad. There is a point where eventually you need to trust your lying eyes. The hospitals were not being overwhelmed, at any point. If the numbers were anywhere near as bad as is being said, this would have been normal across the world. Instead in New York City hospital ships sat there unused, in the supposed epicenter of the virus.
  4. I say “not that bad” in a comparative sense of course. It was about as bad as the 1954 flu, for which nobody locked down and it is a historical footnote in histories discussing pandemics. It was nowhere near the level of the last actual pandemic, the Spanish flu.
  5. The only actual evidence we have on lockdowns – comparative data – is that they did nothing. So we ruined the lives of millions for absolutely no reason whatsoever.
  6. Masks are also useless at best and harmful at worst.

I was wrong not to be worried about the pandemic. I absolutely should have been worried about the evil government response to the pandemic, the harm caused by the lockdowns, and the permanent damage to our society caused by masks and mandatory !vaccines.

We live in a dying society. I’m not saying things will end all at once or this year, but the end is coming and it is inevitable. Pray, pray, and pray some more, and support any Priests who were brave enough to serve their flock during the pandemic. I knew a few.


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