Thoughts on “The Quick and the Dead”, directed by Sam Raimi

“The Quick and the Dead” is a western directed by Sam Raimi, most famous for his Spider-Man and Evil Dead films. I confess to not having seen the Evil Dead movies, but the first two Raimi Spider-Man films are first-rate, and the third is far from worthless. So on the recommendation of Brandon Watson* I […]


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An Update for All of You

In the fine tradition of the old blog, you get no serious update on my personal life. I’ll just say it’s been stressful but I’m doing fine. Writing-wise, again, I want to emphasize that unlike other blogs that go by the wayside, I have remained public and writing on Pinkerton’s Ghosts and the Superversive livestream. […]

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Increase Your Prayers

Roe v. Wade may be being overturned. Make no mistake: If this happens, it will be a good, a very, very good, an incredible thing. Let’s not be so cynical that we don’t recognize when Aslan is on the move. But it has not happened yet. Redouble your prayers.

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