You REALLY should watch “The Chosen”

Look, I’m not going to beat around the bush here. “The Chosen”, a show that retells the Gospels as a multi-season long TV show, is not just a great faith-based show. This is easily one of my favorite shows ever. It’s not just faithful, not just made with love and care, not just moving and […]


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The Books I Have Read This Year

For once, quite a lot. See if you can spot the theme, he asked sarcastically. Nonfiction: “Jesus and the Jewish Roots of Mary”, by Brant Pitre. Brilliant, if you’re at all interested in the “Whys” behind Catholic Marian dogmas, this is for my money THE book to read. “The Case for Jesus”, by Brant Pitre. […]

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When Aslan is not a tame lion

Recently I’ve been thinking of various news stories I’ve seen recently pop up about abortion, ones about the so-called “hard cases”. You know the drill. “This mother of four really loves children, and is going to have an incredibly high risk pregnancy where her child will almost certainly die, but her cruel state won’t let […]

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Rethinking the Motu Poprio

Recently I was on a Catholic Apologetics forum and left. The discussion started like this (I am paraphrasing, and intentionally not using names, so you can take my assertions to be as factual as you want them to be): Random Person: Protestant Christians are our brother Christians Guy who seemed to be establishing himself as […]

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